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Agape Caritas has one mission: to shed a light of compassion and humanity on global issues that are classed as taboo, unmentionable, restricted, un-relatable or out of reach. Our ultimate goal is to increase awareness, raise vital funds and eventually make a difference to people in need of help, understanding or charity.

Our series of events address issues that affect human beings around the world, and not only impact our lives, but enable us, using love and compassion, to enact change in order to create a better world for all.

Agape Caritas was founded because the way information is procured, ingested and processed has changed. All too often, opinion is shaped by sensational news cycles, carefully edited messages and political filtering.

Sadly, these patterns cause us to lose interest; we experience 'news fatigue', we become overwhelmed, feel too small, too insignificant and remote to make any kind of difference. This has led to people becoming desensitised and disengaged from the world around them, with charitable giving becoming noticeably sporadic and seemingly unfocused in recent years.


recent project


On Monday, 27th June we had our first forum; Syrian Stories of Life and Hope, the very first project in our series, to explore the disasters and triumphs, the sheer will to survive and the absolute determination to thrive, found even when facing life’s most challenging environments and decisions. 


Why Agape Caritas

Picking a name that best described our aims and our cause was not easy. We considered our topics, the geographical locations we wanted to cover and the format of our events, but nothing quite fit. It took us a while to realise why.

This wasn’t about what we were trying to achieve, it was about what motivated us in the first place.

That feeling of powerlessness when hearing about fellow human beings suffering in silence, being denied a voice, either in far away places or right next to us.

The platform we wanted to create needed to be sincere and heartfelt enough to break down deeply rooted physical and psychological barriers – Agape.

We also wanted to use this platform to help financially support those already actively involved, either on a global level or in our local community centres – Caritas.

Our choice of name has led many to ask whether we have religious affiliations. We do not. We are, quite simply, global citizens; interested in what unites us all – Humanity.
— With Love and Kindness - Marie and Banke
Agápe (ἀγάπη agápē)
Agape is a word in the Greek language used to represent a spiritual love. In ancient texts, Agape is used to denote the unconditional love felt for one’s children, a spouse or a purity of love for a supreme being. Also found in the Bible, Agape is a selfless, unconditional love, the very highest of the four types of love.
— Our Definition
Caritas (ˈkarəˌtas, ˈkärə̇ˌtäs)
Caritas is Latin for charity, the most excellent of virtues; an absolute requirement for happiness; demonstrated by compassionate love, benevolent care and responsibility towards our neighbours. Modern definitions include kindness, a place or a philosophy, that causes people to bond. In these places, you share about yourself and you listen to others.
— Our Definition


our promisE

  1. To embody and fuel the change we want to see in the world by approaching all our projects with compassion first.

  2. To present facts only from an unbiased perspective, without hidden or overt, political or economic agendas.

  3. To publish full, transparent accounting for each project with a detailed breakdown of how sponsorship, ticket and administration funds have been spent and distributed.

  4. To make sure we can all have fun while doing something good for each other.


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About Us

marie dargelos-lepage and banke laycock

Marie Dargelos-Lepage is a highly qualified Marketing Professional with more than fifteen years' experience in the corporate world. Marie specialises in customer insights, segmentation and proposition development, marketing communications and digital marketing.

Banke Laycock is an Event and Marketing Professional with over twenty years’ combined experience in luxury hospitality, business development, project management, strategy and training, and has spent the last nine years working for an events company, delivering bespoke hospitality events, conferences and exhibitions worldwide.